Flemish organization against litter and fly-tipping

Mooimakers: about us

Who are we? 

Mooimakers is the Flemish initiative to tackle litter and fly-tipping by OVAM, Fost Plus and VVSG. OVAM is responsible for waste, materials and soil remediation policy in Flanders. Fost Plus is responsible for the collection and recycling of household packaging in Belgium. Local governments are responsible for public cleanliness and are united in the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG). 

Mooimakers is a member of the Clean European Network. More information about the seven key elements in the Clean Europe Strategy can be found here.

What are we striving for? 

Mooimakers is dedicated to creating a society where litter and fly-tipping are unacceptable. To that end, we are working with anyone who wants to contribute to eliminating these issues. We aim to bring about lasting change in attitudes and behaviour.  

Mooimakers is the engine behind a social movement that everyone can be a part of. We implement the litter and fly-tipping policy

How do we approach this? 

By working on an integrated policy based on six pillars (participation - communication - infrastructure - environment - enforcement - prevention), we aim to create a society without litter/fly-tipping! 

The fight against litter is a shared responsibility for civilians, federal, regional and local authorities, the industry and other partners. 

What do we do? 

Mooimakers proactively supports all actors engaged in the fight against litter

- With coaching programmes or projects, we aim to help cities and towns develop and implement an efficient litter and fly-tipping policy or support a specific approach. 

- With the Mijn Mooie Straat (My Beautiful Street) application, which cities and towns can use free of charge to digitalise and professionalise their litter approach (My Beautiful Street)  

- With Operatie Proper (Operation Clean), the reward system for schools and youth clubs. Our goal is to nudge them towards tackling litter sustainably. 

- With an online shop offering communication and clean-up materials 

- With flat fees for one-off clean-up operations, for thanking structural litter volunteers, for participating in the Week van de Handhaving (Enforcement Week) 

- With a Quickscan  to map litter and fly-tipping policies and make appropriate recommendations to cities and towns  

- etc. 

Mooimakers organises campaigns to raise awareness and seek behavioural change

- With customisable communication material

- Which can be used by individuals and professionals

Mooimakers conducts research

Find the overview of translated research projects below

Overview of research projects